Values Added

Learning together to practise Christ-like, whole person medicine

Modules Available

Introductory Module
The big picture
Kingdom values - Growing in wisdom and stature

Module 1 - Concepts of whole person medicine
A brief history of medicine and the influence of world view
Modern medicine - How did we get there?
What does the patient think?
How does Jesus relate to sick people?
Evidence for the benefits of faith and prayer on health and healing

Module 2 - Whole person medicine in practice
Values in practice
Developing compassion
The practitioner-patient relationship - Iceberg and MacWhinney models
The consultant and whole person care
Addressing spiritual issues in the consultation

Module 3 - Ethics and professional behaviour
Leadership and teamwork from a christian viewpoint
God, money and you
Professionalism - what it means to the Christian healthcare professional
Evidence-based medicine - a Christian perspective

Module 4 - Personal development
Stress in Christian healthcare professionals
Forgiving fallibility: How do you cope when you make a mistake
Burnout in Christian healthcare professionals
Compassion without burnout
Surviving as a healthcare professional
True Christian discipleship- Incarnating the life of Jesus into our lives and practice (in development)
Bible study and prayer life - threats and rewards
Defending the faith

Module 5 - A worldwide perspective
Two parts- The inequalities of health plus global health challenges arising from COVID
Cross-culture perspectives
The world scene - understanding the push / pull factors for health workers abroad (in development)
Overseas mission - is it still relevant? What helps and what harms?
Responding to the challenge of working abroad

Module 6 - Developing as a teacher
Mentoring and encouragement
The teaching methods of Jesus
Strategies and practicalities for effective teaching
Teaching patients (in development)