Values Added

Learning together to practise Christ-like, whole person medicine

What is Values Added?

Values Added aims to empower Christian healthcare professionals to demonstrate, defend and advocate with confidence a practice of medicine built on the life, model and teaching of Jesus through:

Whole person care: a framework for clinical care based on an approach to patients and colleagues as people made in the image of God

Fellowship: supportive local groups for Christian healthcare workers

Ethical thinking: discussion and support in decision making from every day ethical challenges to the big issues - local, national and international

Teaching: training in different methods of teaching and training

This presentation forms part of the Introductory Module of the Values Added programme. It is designed to provide an over-arching Christian perspective on healthcare practice and an introduction to whole person care. It is divided into three parts: A Cosmic Dimension, The Human Dimension, and A Healthcare Dimension. 

You can view the other sections of this module on the Values Added Youtube Channel